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The bond between an Exorcist and his Innocence should never be messed with...

The Innocence x Exorcist community...
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Hello to you all~

This community is D. Gray-Man anime/manga related, and is exclusively about Innocist pairs, which features the deep bond between an Innocence fragment and its Accomodator, labeled Exorcist. Here, said bond can develop into pairs and create yaoi, yuri and het content all alike. Crown Clown x Allen, Mugen x Kanda, Dark Boots x Lenalee, Tessei (Big Hammer Small Hammer) x Lavi and Tsukikami x Timothy are examples.

Please be aware that flamming, spam, non-Innocist-related comments, community theme bullying and disrespectable behaviour between members will result in either a warning and/or banning from the community. This has been created for you people to enjoy, not bully or vent your frustration in. You have been warned!

That said, have a good peek in the comm's journal! ^^


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