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[Fic] Hypothermia

Title: Hypothermia
Series: D. Gray-Man
Pair: Mugen x Kanda + Kaitou Ichigen involvement
Genre: Friendship
Rating: K+
Summary: Stuck in a cave with no fire during a blizzard, Kanda fights hypothermia tooth and nail past the point of exhaustion until sleep forcefully drags him into slumber. When all hope seems lost, Mugen decides to step in and save its master.

Dying was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

Hello ladies
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I think that some presentations are in order...

Hello to you all,

Welcome to the innocist  community! It's D. Gray-Man related and is about the Innocence x Exorcist pairs, like Allen Walker and his Innocence Crown Clown. Here you can let your imagination run wild for your favourite Apostle and his faithful weapon and post anything innocist-related, be it fanfics, drabbles, pictures, fanarts, videos, doujinshis, quizzes, and the list goes on.

Now please keep in mind that some entries in this community may contain Mature stuff, so for those who are still innocent-minded or are sensible to yaoi, het and yuri, the back button is easy to find. You have been warned!

That said, I wish you all a happy time on the comm! ^^

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